Touch Screen Not Working on IdeaTab 2109A-F

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    I have an IdeaTab 2109A-F tablet.

    The touch screen has stopped responding.

    The unit boots up just fine, but nothing on the screen responds to touch.

    I have tried the power drain, charge fully, then turn on. This made no difference.

    I can turn the tablet off by holding the power button down for 10+ seconds. I can then get to the Android System Recovery screen by holding Volume + at the same time as the Power On button. On the System Recovery screen, none of these fix the problem:

    - Reboot system now
    - Wipe Cache Partition
    - Wipe data/factory reset

    When I select "apply update from external storage" I get the message:

    Choose a package to install:



    But I have no idea what to do then....

    When I select "Apply update from ADB" I get the message:

    Now send the package you want to apply to the device with "adb sideload <filename>"...

    Where would I find this package? And how do I get it sent to my tablet?

    Anyone got any ideas?

    (I am not very technical... sorry!)



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