Touchscreen not responsive (ZT280 C91 1a)

Discussion in 'Zenithink ZT280 C91 & C91 Upgrade' started by stephenzenithink, Aug 22, 2012.

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    Zenithink ZT280 C91 1a
    Hi all,

    I have a Zenithink ZT280 C91 1a, for a couple of days the tablet worked OK except when the battery went below 75% the screen would not turn on unless the charger was plugged in.

    I upgraded to the latest software which was ok for a short period of time, the battery reduced below 60% and the screen again would not turn on unless the charger was plugged in, I tried to flash the software again and the screen became totally unresponsive.

    I then tried an alternative Rom Zenidroid but the screen remained unresponsive, I have since returned to the official software but again the screen is still not working.

    Has anyone else experienced this and if so what did you do to fix it?

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