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    Hi all,

    I've had my A31 for a good year and it's worked absolutely fine, but the kids have been on it and now it's developed a problem where about 1cm of the left hand of the touch screen responds but reports that the touch has happened 1cm in from the edge. The practical outcome of this is that in the landscape keyboard if I press q the tablet thinks I've pressed w. Pressing w and everything to the right of that is ok.

    I've switched on the developer tools "show pointer" and I can see the distinct line where nothing to the left is in the correct place, though the section to the left isn't dead just mis-reporting where the touch is.

    This doesn't look like a hardware fault to me, more of an issue of the tablet forgetting that it's a 9" screen.

    Any suggestions on what to look at to fix? I'd guess that a Factory data reset wouldn't fix, but that a Firmware reinstall may, or are there some settings somewhere on it that I could check and change?


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