Transfer Audio and picture files to my Superpad 10.2" 8gb

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Q&A' started by Geminimum, Dec 14, 2012.

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    Superpad 10.2" 8gb
    I purchased this recently for my daughter for Xmas. I have pretty much got it set up with apps etc and want to move some music and picture files onto it for her.

    I have copied some music files to my USB stick and when I plug it into the tablet it recognises and will play the music from the USB directly. However, i have tried to coopy and paste the music files onto the tablet itself and they just vanish!

    Does anyone out there know how I go about doing this? The "instruction booklet" is not the most helpful thing ive every seen and hoping that some wisdom from here might just rub off on me.

    Thanks guys (and gals)

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    Hi Sally, welcome to the forum

    I don't have an explanation for why they disappeared but I have several other solutions for transferring files. You will find the additional ino in a link below in my signature.

    There is a possibility that if they did in fact disappear that there is a problem with the USB drive but hard to say.

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