Transfer Data/Settings To Tab3 7 From Another Device

Discussion in 'Lenovo Tablets' started by Connie.Reader, Oct 3, 2017.

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    Oct 3, 2017
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    I have just received my new Lenovo Tab3 7. When I first switched it on, it asked me if I would like to transfer my data, settings, apps, contacts, etc. from another Android device. Yes, I definitely did. However, the transfer failed. I later found that was because I didn't have Bluetooth enabled on either device.

    Unfortunately, by the time I figured that out and enabled Bluetooth, I had lost the screen on the Lenovo that asked if I wanted to transfer data from another device. I have searched everywhere, but cannot get back to that screen.

    Can anyone give me some guidance on how to transfer data, settings, etc. from my old Android device to my new Lenovo tablet. (Obviously, I can do it manually, but if there is some clever way of doing it automatically, that's what I want.)

    Thanks in advance.


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