transmitting pictures/music and video to the MID device

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    Android 2.1 Tablet PC 7" 11-RK2818 256MB-4G-Wifi MID Device
    just received my pc tablet and bought the microSD card. after reading the instructions on page 26 of the manual which reads:

    Connect the computer and MID via USB cable. After finishing loading, the computer will identify the MID Flash drive and T-flash card driver and then the pictures, music and video files stored on the computer can be directly copied to the MID device

    my pc tablet screen actually says:

    USB connected You have connected to your computer via USB. Select the button below if you want to copy files between your computer and your Android's SD card

    ...there is only one button below and it says "Turn on USB storage"..after I press the button, it starts automatically importing from the MID device to the computer which consists of the one picture that I took with the how do I "export" those files from my computer??


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