Traveling to China with Acer Tab 500

Discussion in 'Acer Tablets' started by AlanJAnderson, Feb 5, 2012.

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    Acer iconia 500
    I recently traveled to China with my tablet and really liked it. First it is smaller tha a laptop and i carried it everywhere. I dl some apps for Chinese translation and dictonary to help in communicating. Also i had photos to share and music to listen to as well as games to play on the flights over and back.
    I did initially have some problems with email and internet because China's hotels are mostly wired internet. I had to rely on friends wireless or internet cafes to keep in touch.
    (On that note, anyone have a suggestion for a hot spot device to connect to hotel ethernet connections?)
    Skype worked well and i put $10 into my skype account so i could call any phone. That was cheap and usefull.
    I will be going back to China in a few months and would like any suggestions in carrying it with me. This last trip was in winter so i had an inner pocket sewed into my coat, which worked well. This next trip will be in summer.
    I would recommend a tablet pc for travel. Lots of helpful apps, small in size, helps you stay in touch and keeps you entertained.
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    Interesting report, will be interested to see if there are any suggestions re the HotSpot question.

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