Trio Stealth Pro 7 won't boot

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    Trio Stealth Pro 7
    Hello all,
    I'm new to the site. I've joined because I've got the Trio Stealth Pro 7 that was working just fine yesterday. When I was last using it, I was somewhat far from my wireless, so Skype was not loading... waited about 5 minutes for a decent signal, but nothing... I exited from skype and then shut down the tablet. Today, I try to turn it on and it seems just fine... except it gets stuck at the "Android" screen with the reflection going across the letters. The reflection never stops going by but the tablet won't boot either. I've tried the factory reset (Pressing Vol (-) and Power) but it still just gets to the android screen and nothing else happens. When connected to my PC, the 3 drives are recognized, but since USB MASS STORAGE is NOT turned on, I cannot access them in any way.
    What i've also noticed since this started happening... When the tablet is completely off and I plug in the charger, I no longer get the battery symbol with it filling up green. It simply "turns on" when I plug it in to charge.

    Am I totally screwed?

    Thanks in advance!
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