Trivial question: Onda Sleep (animation?)

Discussion in 'Onda Tablet Forum' started by Cor, Dec 10, 2013.

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    Another neat thing about the V701s is the animation you get when you hit the power button. I guess technically it's "sleep".

    It looks so real, I'm not entirely sure if it's an analogue effect of powering off the screen, or an actual animation.

    And if it is an animation, does anyone know how to get to it? Also, did they "borrow" this from another device? I'm just curious!

    For those reading this that don't have an Onda (and it may not be on all models) the effect is like powering off an old school TV set, shrinking rapidly into a flat, bright centre line before disappearing to sleep. It is highly effective, and something one would happily pay an app-maker for!

    ;o) Cor

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