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    Hey budding android users hope you can settle a debate my cousin has just brought a used touchpad of Craig's list

    And he's paranoid about the rom that's installed might be infected He's talking both web os and ICS must be infected and loaded with spyware malware etc etc

    I said its impossible but he said how would I know and I was stumped as I did not have an answer

    The operating systems are web os and android cyanogenmod ICS

    He wont use any banking sites or email clients or calendar contacts Saying they will access his personal information

    How do I ease him into not worrying? Ps he's also noted a Chinese app at the bottom of the apps in ICS and says it must be spyware as it say it has access to personal information and network access

    He said when he tried to delete it it said are you sure you want to delete a system app

    Im writing this on his behalf help me if you can I was going to suggest a full rom flash and web os flash I think using web doctor from what I read up on

    And someone can you assure him cyanogen os is not loaded with virus etc and they can be trusted

    Anyway thanks yo

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