Trying to Internet Share Between HTC Snap (sprint) to a samsung galaxy 4.2 player

Discussion in 'Gingerbread' started by lone_star, Nov 23, 2012.

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    Hello all,

    I recently purchased a samsung galaxy 4.2 player. It comes with android 2.3. My htc snap cell phone on sprint has 3g connectivity and I am attempting to share internet between that device to my galaxy player via bluetooth. I go through all the steps by enabling internet sharing between both devices. I go to the settings screen on each device and it says that both devices are paired with each other, however when I see if the internet works on my galaxy player, it does not. I know for a fact that I am setting it up correctly since I was able to do this on my friends 5th gen ipod touch, as well as my other friend's samsung galaxy tab 2 with android 4.0 . I go through the exact same steps on the galaxy tab and I have no issues. Does it have something to do with the os on my galaxy player? Does android 2.3 on the galaxy player lock the ability to internet share with bluetooth. I would appreciate some assistance.


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