Tuning CMP738b - Rooted

Discussion in 'Craig Tablets' started by dmz, Sep 11, 2012.

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    Craig 739b
    Hi all,

    Thank you to the folks who worked on the rooting issues. My experience was without issue. I had purchased this cheap tablet for the sole purpose of playing wth root as my phone is used for bukiness and they have a no rooting policy. Bricking this wouldnt kill kme. I am more likkely to beat it with a brkck anywayk.

    I bet you can tell i am writing this with the tablet!

    My question is, what, if nything can be done to pick upk the performance and rliability of this poor wretched creature?

    I read someone froze Security Guard so I did that. Any other apps that can go? FB was the first to go. Any unnekessary service?

    Keyboard? Mine loves the letter k. It shows up all by itself. Plus the KB is very sluggish. Perhaps it is really the screen's problem. Has anyone gotten the screkn to calibrate inka meaningful way?




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