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    Zenithink ZT-280 c91 upgrade
    Hi guys !

    i run trough this forum and there are a lot of questions about the why google play block some apps so i decided to make a new post

    first you have to know that our tablet zenithink doesn't have the GPS system so if an app like Facebook need the access to it, it will be block because facebook require it.

    So all you have to do is to follow this few steps, it worked great with mine :)

    1 : go on settings - applications- all - and stop Google services Framework, and erase all data
    2 : go on setting - applications - all - and stop the Play Store, and erase all data
    3. Go on ES file Explorer - setting - enable "root explorer" and "mount file system"
    4. extract this files xmlfiles.zip in /system/etc/permissions on your tablet with Es file explorer
    5. reboot
    6. Enjoy :)
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