[TWEAK/MOD] Pp Rö by Androguide.fr [Working on any Device][AROMA][WIP]

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    Download, Source and Thanks to Androguide.fr@XDA

    If It Work For You
    Don't Forget To Feedback And Thanks Androguide.fr


    This is NOT a Rom

    Pimp my Rom is an aroma-installer based script that will allow you to choose between a plethora of nice tweaks, mods, apps, themes and features to add to your current rom.

    Devices confirmed working
    - HTC Incredible S (S710e)
    - HTC Thunderbolt (ADR6400L)
    - HTC Evo 4G (Supersonic)
    - HTC Vision (T-mobile G2)
    - HTC Desire Z (codename ?)
    - Huawei Ascend (g300)
    - LG Optimus 3D (P920)
    - Motorola Defy (codename?)
    - Nexus 7 (Grouper)
    - Samsung Galaxy Note (N7000)
    - Samsung Galaxy S (I9000)
    - Samsung Galaxy S2 (T-Mobile T989)
    - Samsung Galaxy S3 (I9300)
    - Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 - 7.0 (P3100)
    - Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 3G (P6800)
    - Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Wifi (P6810)
    - Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Verizon (i815)
    - Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman (WT19)
    - Sony Xperia Arc S (LT18i)
    - Test it on your other devices and report your results at the Original Thread by Androguide.fr@XDA, please !

    You choose which options and tweaks to apply, all this with a nice touchscreen interface, even if you're not running a touchscreen recovery, thanks to Aroma.

    You can now run this script on any Android Device !!!

    Tweaks and Mods

    Init.d Scripts :

    - Faster internet browsing

    - Better Battery consumption

    - Miscellanous kernel tweaks

    - Ondemand governor tweaks

    - Dalvik VM tweaks

    - Defragmentation of sqlite3 databases at each boot

    - Disable android-logger

    - Disable kernel Normalize Sleeper

    - Use strict minfree handlers

    - Flags blocks as non-rotational

    - Enable data_writeback for ext4 partitions for better i/o

    - Force GPU rendering on 2D operations

    - Improve multitasking by tweaking system task-killer

    - run Vacuum & Reindex at each boot to optimize sqlite

    - Use Adblock hosts to block in-app advertising

    - Improve External sdcard I/O performances

    - Install the V6 SuperCharger Script

    - Zipalign all apk at each boot

    - Install Thunderbolt's s98system_tweaks

    - Tweak CPU and GPU tuning values

    - Tweak the behaviour of the Complete Fair Scheduler (cfs)

    - Tweak TCP buffers for better internet speed

    - Optimize all sqlite3 databases to increase speed of apps that use db

    Build.prop Tweaks :

    - Better jpg image quality

    - Better camera recording quality

    - Lock launcher in memory

    - Battery savings

    - Disable kernel error checking

    - Dalvik VM tweaks

    - Faster scrolling

    - Better touch responsiveness

    - Faster browsing and download speed

    - Allow purgeable assets

    - Reduce dialing time

    - Misc 3G tweaks

    - Deeper sleep

    - Reduce black-screen time of proximity sensor after a call

    - Smoother video streaming

    - Faster wifi connect/disconnect

    - Overall smoothness improvements

    - Increase the size of VM heap

    Enable/Disable Functionalities

    - Enable hardware video acceleration

    - Enable gpu UI rendering

    - Enable HSUPA

    - Enable JIT (Just In Time) Compiler for Dalvik vm

    - Enable surface dithering

    - Disable Boot-Animation

    - Disable usage-data sending

    - Disable volume buttons wake

    - Disable adb notification icon

    - Buttons backlight always enabled when screen on


    - Install the latest jellybean gapps

    - Install 13 Inverted gapps (gmail, gtalk, gvoice, play store, google music, google+, google now, google reader)

    - Invert some system apps (Sms/Mms, Email, Calendar, Calculator, People, Youtube)

    - Install an alternative launcher : Apex Launcher & Nova Launcher

    - Install latest Solid Explorer

    - Install Adobe Flash Player for JB

    - Install Rom Toolbox Lite

    - Install Swiftkey hacked for Paranoid Android

    And many more.......:bwink:

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    ....just in case ;)
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    Le Pan TC970, Archos 101, Palm Pre2 webOS, HP Touchpad
    Thanks for this post, Astrix - I had not seen Pimp my ROM, and it looks good. :)

    Currently restoring a backup, to run a test install on my Le Pan TC970 tablet. Cheers. :)

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