Twitter for Android Gets a Big Holo-Inspired Redesign in Version 5 Beta

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    On top of the big IPO that Twitter is planning, it looks like they are also planning an upgrade of the app for Android. They have a new version 5 in beta and it is getting a big redesign which seems very Holo-inspired. The new version also comes with a host of new features. Here's a brief bullet-point synopsis:
    • The four section menu at the top of the interface has been replaced with a text-based navigation bar. This one is more consistent with Matias Duarte's app design guidelines.
    • The new version also features a sidebar. It is found by clicking on the Twitter logo button.
    • The sidebar includes the four sections which were originally on the top menu bar. - It also comes with three new ones: Activity, Trending, and Find People.
    • The sidebar also has an intriguing new translucent frosted glass effect, which includes your profile picture as the background.
    • It is possible to rearrange the order of these sections in the menu by dragging them around.
    • Finally, it can display images and videos inline.
    Over-all these new features aim to streamline the UI and the process, as well as offer enhanced functionality. If you have had a chance to play with this beta, sound off what you guys think of the new version.

    Source: Engadget
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    If it's a beta version, there may be a lot of bugs that come with it, but nonetheless, it seems like a great way to experience first-hand what Twitter has cooking up in the Android tablet space. Hopefully, we'll be seeing the final tablet version of the Android Twitter app make its way into the Google Play store in the next few weeks. And, that may spark other top developers to contribute their tablet-optimized apps for their Android variants, as that has been a huge weakness for Android tablets, and is one of the few things holding them back.

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