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    ASUS ME-102A MeMO Pad 10 16GB
    iRulu 10.1" running under Android 4.0.4 Single 8Gb RAM stick mounted in external slot. Mixed wired/wireless M$ LAN totally P2P

    I bought the tablet to use as an eReader (Nook and Kindle plus general reader installed and at least partly configured) and MP3 player. I have a barely filled 3Tb drive hanging off one of the PCs on the LAN. All of my music and ebooks are on that 3Tb drive. To do what I bought the iRulu to do, I need to be able to copy files off of the LAN drive at will.

    Is there a way to get the iRulu to see and connect to the LAN drive?

    Alternatively, is there a way to link a Windows 7 PC to an android tablet in such a manner that the PC can read the directories on the iRulu and transfer in/out eBook and music files as needed/desired. I would like to see how the RAM stick is organized.

    Though I gave the particulars on both the PC and tablet, this would appear to have applications to any similar situation involving an Android and a Windows machine.

    No need for long, detailed explanations. Links to threads/sites with the answer(s) will suffice. I am very much an autodidact and simply being pointed in the correct direction suffices.

    "Honest Abe" Lincoln was an autodidact. Educators (and HR weenies) cannot abide autodidacts. I suspect we intimidate them.

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