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Discussion in 'ZTE Tablets' started by des2105, Jun 24, 2012.

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    ZTE Optik V55 3.14
    Greetings All,

    I have owned my Optik for all of three days and love it so far. I do have two questions based on what I was told when I purchased it vs. what I have seen either on line or in the owner's manual. The first refers to tethering. The Sprint sales rep said I could not connect the Optik to my computer for purposes of transferring information, viewing files, etc. However, the owner's manual in at least two places when referring to resetting the Optik cautions about data loss and suggests backing up data by tethering the Optik to a computer. Is this possible and if so, is there a cable available to make the connection. I am assuming a portion of the battery charging port would be used.

    The second question may be one of semantics only. The Sprint sales rep indicated there was no hard drive in the Optik but the manual refers to storage of data, photos, etc. and the specs show 16gigs of "memory" as opposed to 1 gig of Ram. Is there a hard drive or not and if not, how is it storing the data?

    Thanks so much for any assistance anyone can provide.


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