UK Court Hits Apple With Samsung Court Fees Because First Notice 'False & Misleading'

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    Apparently, the UK court is not finished punishing Apple for their hubris regarding their lost patent fight against Samsung in that country. Just recently, the UK court found that Apple was in "non-compliance" with a directive from the court to post a notice on their website indicating that Samsung did not copy Apple's designs. Apple's condescending and passive/agressive response infuriated the court, which ordered Apple to rectify the situation within 48 hours. Apple complied with the order within the time allotted, but this did not do enough to satiate the court.

    The Court of Appeal of England and Wales basically felt that Apple's first statement was "false and misleading" and was "calculated to produce confusion." Because of this, the court has now ordered Apple to pay all of Samsung's legal fees throughout the UK court proceedings. This is a bit more unusual and even harsh than it sounds. Here's a quote with the details,

    It's a shame the U.S. courts hasn't yet start taking more queues from the UK court (at least as far as patent fights are concerned).

    Source: The Verge

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