Unbranded Tab 7inch, Battery sign with triangle exclamation

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    Eklasse Spark 7inch

    i have a tab eklasse and its not booting.. everytime i press the power button it shows me battery sign with triangle exclamation and shuts down.. i tired to connect it with computer or charger, the battery sign comes up red then auto shuts off and green led notification light stays on.. and doesn't shows its charging or not.
    spec: Extended TF Card; Camera - Front camera; Speaker support - Microphone built-in; Wi-Fi - Built-in; 3G Module - Support External USB port 3G card, Power - DC in DC 5V/2A; Power supply type - Adapter; Battery - Polymer, 3.7v, 2500mAH; Input/Output - DC in, Earphone, TF CardRead Slot, MINI USB 2.0 ports
    Eklasse SPARK Tablet PC Cortex A8 1.2GHZ 512MB 4GB 7inch Black

    is it firmware issue or the hardware ?
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