Unbricked DPAD-7, need firmware!

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Q&A' started by kleeper, Apr 18, 2012.

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    Hi, new here today.
    I got a bricked DPAD-7, I solved the hard brick situation that I started with, by shorting the nand chip pins during reboot to FWDN mode. I used CM7- Kyros Coby 7016 firmware (8K) for FWDN to get it up and running. Everything seems to be working perfectly, except when playing any video mode.Blank video screen, sound is OK, progress bar moves normally, but if you stop playback and click the bar, it will display a still frame with each click. This behavior is the same in any application using video. It does not start working after starting playback, but the still frame stays on the screen. If anyone who has a DPAD-7, could provide a proper, clean backup of the complete system, it would be of great help.
    I would prefer to keep using CM7, since itÂ’s better than most firmwares out there. If someone can point me to the likely path to finish this.
    To that end, here is what I have learned about this tablet.
    Internal Viewhttps://picasaweb.go...724/April182012
    It looks very much like a Coby 7016 (resistive touch), mainboard marking is EM73_M6, CPU Board = EM_X100_M5, NAND = 27UBG8T2ATR and memory = K4T161640Fx2 and Atheros wifi chip. It is has no GPS, camera, phone or bluetooth. TCC8902 800MHz Processor, 256MB DDR2 RAM, 4G internal storage, 16G external max.
    Any help would be appreciated!

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