'Unicorn Apocalypse' Turns Out to be a Real Game in the Google Play Store

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    For the past several weeks, Samsung has shared an ad campaign whose premise was that of a fictional gaming studio working on a fictional game called "Unicorn Apocalypse." It turns out that the game wasn't fictional after-all. Yep. You read that right, you can now go grab the game in the Google Play Store and it's free!

    There's one caveat however... it looks like someone threw this game together at the last second instead of getting a decent development cycle to become a viable piece of entertainment. So far it has been getting rave reviews, but they are not in the least bit good raves. In fact, folks are raving that the game is awful. It has an average of 1 star from most who have played it. Still, it might be worth checking out if you are curious, and the concept is funny, so here's a link below.

    Source: Google Play Store - Unicorn Apocalypse
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