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    how do i update the firmware on craig cmp 738 b
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    Craig CMP738b / Galaxy Tab 2 10.1
    Hi Mamabare, and welcome to the forum,

    To straight-away answer your question: (This is one method -- there may be other methods.)

    0. (zero) Be aware that if one makes an error in updating firmware the tablet may be ruined. Consider the possible consequences before you proceed.

    1. Obtain new firmware, and put in a file on a personal computer.

    "2. Rename the file on the computer to "update.img"
    3. Copy this file to a mini SD card. Helps if it's a clean SD card with only the update.img file on it.
    4. With the Craig off, insert the card and turn on the Craig.
    5. The Craig will see the upgrade during the boot and then ask you several questions. I either said yes or accept to the questions.
    6. I then went and completed the upgrade. No button pushing!" **

    ** Numbers 2 through 6 were copied from m3red's post dated 12-12-2011

    Lastly, read several of the posts in the "Craig Tablets" forum (on this site). There are two different WiFi cards in the 738B model.

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