Upgrading android 1.6 in Irobot possible? If not improving experience possible?

Discussion in 'WonderMedia WM8505 Tablets' started by fercho, Mar 18, 2011.

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    Mar 18, 2011
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    generic irobot
    Got a tablet Irobot, I don't understand much I think it's chinesse and generic, in "about"

    Memory size, 256mb
    Model, generic
    Version de programa. inalt, 1.6
    Version de nucleo, 2.6.29-00236-g4f8dbbb-dirty
    Crear nĂºmero, WTM1.9.1_88

    My experience this far is nasty. When I try to install a basic game like "traffic jam" I get a warning saying: 1) I must have android 2.2, 2) I must log in using same google account than my phone

    I'm trying that from my pc, since navigation in tablet is a real pain, extremely slow and hard to type.

    In general everything is so slow and boring in my tablet that I can't find the way to improve the experience. Tried uninstalling some apps and installing new ones, but mostly are for newer versions.

    I'm so stuck.

    Is it possible to improve the experience?
    Is there an "easy" way to update (read in this forum is not)
    How do I change in my tablet the user for google in order to be able to download something at all?
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    Oct 26, 2010
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    Hi fercho,

    I believe there are plenty of WMT1.9.1 Mods around here, have you tried a modded ROM yet ? There's no easy way to find one if your device isn't listed, mostly it's a way of trail and error, so just try a few before you got a working one.

    Identifying your tablet isn't possible with the specs you posted, answer these questions :

    1. What's the device's LED color when it's turned on ? Blue or Green ?
    2. Does the tablet vibrate at start up ?
    3. Does the tablet have a green or black audio port ?
    4. Which connector has your tablet, 24 pins or 30 pins ?
    5. Which WMT version is it ? You can find that rightunder when booting or in settings\about device.
    6. What is your actual RAM Size ? 128MB or 256MB ? To find that out, use e.g. Advanced Task Killer to see what's free. Don't rely on the about settings dialog as this might be manipulated.
    7. What did the box label say ? MID / iRobot / ePad / aPad / SmartPad etc.

    For a ROM advice, I need to have those answers!

    Good luck!

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