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Discussion in 'APAD IMX515' started by english, Aug 11, 2011.

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    I've been having trouble with shortage of internal memory. mostly with the number of apps i can install so i have decided to try and upgrade the internal sd.
    After reading many many forums i have (very carefully) opened up my tablet. Removing the internal card was the easy bit. Copying it(4gb) on my computer to the new(8gb) card doesn't do the trick, the tablet sits with a black screen and doesn't power up. So back to the forums... i find there are several partitions on these cards and so try a disk imager to do the copying for me. Even coping exactly (making only 4gb of the 8gb usable space) doesn't work either the tablet stays blank!!
    Help, i've tried everything i can think of, or find in the forums, but i have heard of people who have been able to upgrade internal memory, so someone must know how to help me.

    Utopia A8 imx515 Android 2.2 512 mb RAM 4GB (potentially 8GB!!! lol)

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