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    Recently brought Rockchip HDMI dongle http://www.***************/snapshot/6034442013.html
    I want to change the OS from Android to ubuntu.
    [h=1]Steps followed:[/h]1) Downloaded firmware from rockchipfirmware.com
    2) Downloaded Img Mod tool to unpack and repack img
    3) Downloaded IPushUpdate tool to push firmware to HDMI dongle.
    [h=1]queries:[/h]When I unpack the img file(default img of RK2928 chip hdmi dongle),contents are as follows,

    • Image

      -- boot.img -- Kernel.img -- system.img
    • data_512K.jffs2
    • package-file
    • parameter
    • RK292xLoader(L)_V1.36.bin
    What all things I need to modify in order to run my dongle in Ubuntu.
    PS: I am newbie to this domain . This is my first kernel tweak.

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