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    asus eeepad
    can anyone please tell me how to get pictures saved from an sd card to my asus eeepad?
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    ASUS TF101
    Welcome to the forum!

    There are many ways, this is the quickest using the in built file manager.

    Tap the clock in the lower right. There should be a notificaiton for the SD (or microSD) card. On that notification there is a red X on the right to safely eject and a folder icon. Tap the folder icon and it will open the files to view them.

    Tick the check boxes on the left hand side of the file manager to copy/move the files/folders to your internal directory. Tap the Move or Copy at the top right hand corner to do which ever you wish to do with the files.

    Next, tap the back arrow on the top left corner next to the "/Removable/SD/" until you are at the top level "/" directory.

    You will see 2 directories listed:

    Open the sdcard (which is what the internal memory is called)
    navigate to where you want to place the files. The camera saves in the /sdcard/DCIM/ directory. There should also be a /sdcard/Pictures/ folder. Or you can create your own by tapping the New Folder button.

    When you are at the place you want to paste them, tap the Paste button at the top of the screen.

    If you are copying from the SD card or a USB drive from the keyboard dock, be sure not to undock during the copy or it will fail.
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