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    Hi all

    This isn't really music related, rather is a network/app topic so I thought this the best place.

    I'm looking for a decent UPnP / DLNA controller. There's lots of them, some good, some not so good. I'm using UPnPlay at the moment, it seems to be the best of them. I have a server full of albums and was using foobar2000 as a media server, and am now trying Asset UPnP, which seems to be quite good. I don't want to play the music on the tablet, but rather use the tablet as a controller, to select tracks from the server and select one of two renderers (three, if the tablet is counted). A tablet is perfect for this job, I think, particularly when using album art, and choosing sort and grouping to find what I want. The server software seems to be OK too, and there's lots of choices.

    I've been looking for ages, I'm still unhappy, especially with the Android UpnP controllers available. Having set up Asset, just out of curiosity I ran Windows Media Player on my Win7 machine and pointed it at the Asset server - and found that it's exactly what I want a tablet interface to look like! Easy grouping made visual with album artwork and set with easily available options. There's no touch interface, but if there were it'd be tremendous .. having things like drag and dropping albums into playlists, creating playlists that act as 'albums' and then saving them for later, having an easy list of renderers to choose from for music that 'follows' me from room to room... the whole thing could be a great music controller. But I haven't seen anything like it.

    This's the sort of app a tablet should shine with (I thought SkyMap was another), something that really takes advantage of the form and input nature of a tablet interface.

    Has anyone seen a UPnP / DLNA controller like what I've described? I've never seen a Metro tablet, let alone used one, but if they have WMP in Windows 8, on a tablet, then that would leave Android with nothing even halfway competitive. I like Android, have no intention of buying a Metro tablet, but I'm just saying. Android really needs an app like this.

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