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    [h=1]UrbanTool tabBag 10-11” Tablet Bag[/h]

    The tabBag by UrbanTool stands out for so many reasons - great quality, solid protection, unique carrying strap design, and loads of pockets, slots and storage space for holding all the many gadgets and necessities that urbanites use on a daily basis, including any 10” or 11” tablet. Yet in the eyes of some potential buyers, this tablet shoulder bag might stand out for the one thing that actually doesn’t stick out, the brand’s moniker (Surely those familiar with urban dictionary lingo know what I am talking about here.)

    Price: $110.0
    Rating: 4.1/5

    : Tablet shoulder bag
    Tablet:10" Tablet, 11" Tablet

    [h=1]UrbanTool tabBag 10-11” Tablet Bag in Black [/h]

    [h=1]UrbanTool tabBag 10-11” Tablet Bag in Grey and Orange[/h]

    [h=1]UrbanTool tabBag 10-11” Tablet Bag in Purple[/h]

    Shipping: Worldwide

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