US, UK and Canada All Say "No" to ITU's Proposed Treaty

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    Looks like the good old US of A, United Kingdom and Canada did the right thing and declined a new UN telecoms treaty. As we reported yesterday, the abuses that could take place if such a "treaty" were agreed to could have had far reaching repercussions - freedom of speech was one of them. Even though Hamadoun Toure, Director General of the International Telecommunication Union, assured the dissenting countries "that nothing should impact [freedom of speech]” the potential for such abuses was enough to get a resounding "No way." The U.S. delegation said in a statement at the meeting after the final changes were adopted last night - “We candidly cannot support an ITU treaty that is inconsistent with the multi-stakeholder model."

    We can all breathe a breath of fresh air. Hamadoun said this was a "missed opportunity", but we'd have to strongly disagree. The UN has no business governing the internet. We'd like to hear your thoughts. Good move or was this a missed opportunity?

    Via: Tech Crunch

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