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Discussion in 'Android Tablet Games' started by Lannabulls, Oct 7, 2012.

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    I dont have the dock station, so i bought the usb adapter "power connection-usb",
    not so easy to find it, look for in many shops, no one was selling it, i found in ebay and i bought, i got it a few days ago.

    I try to connect external usb hard disks, card readers, different brand models, every device work fine except for game pad.

    I try to connect the generic game pad for play station, it dont work the system dont see it. Cause i want to play some games, i would like to connect a game pad, i read that it is possible connect play statiuon 3 usb-bluetooth gamepad,
    however, before buy it i want be sure that it works so:
    play station 3 game pad works with my tablet cause i follow tutorials in internet, however these tutorials all refer to dock station usb connection, so somebody can confirm please if a play station 3 game pad can be connected to my tablet by the usb adapter without using the dock station?
    Thank a lot!

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