USB WiFi Adapter For Polaroid M11H?

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    Newbie here Hello :)

    Updated Solved for now I think.
    I believe the problem is solved after updating my Routers Firmware and/Resettig The Router
    as well as changing AES to Aes/Tkip ,turning off wish and Qos as well as WPS
    since I am using Wpa2 anyways

    Is there a USB WiFi adapter I can insert into my Tablets? since my WIFi is weak

    I had recently bought 2 Tablets that were Model Polaroid M11H

    *******************yes Your right it did look like advertisement so I removed the Link*************

    The problem with this Tablet is the WiFi ,If you are not sitting at least a few meters frorm Your Router You won get connected or Your download speed will crawl from the Google Play Store,I had bought this also for my Mom but hers works fine with her Boost Mobile,bu not with her Router.
    Funny Thing is Iruulu just made the same Tablet called Irulu Remix found on Ebay
    I would not be surprised if the WiFi on that is Excellent.

    To make a iong story shiort All my Tablets work fine off my Router I mainly Use Irulu and most people would say they are junk,but to me the are easy to repair and/or change battery.tweak for really good performance

    So my question is since I am familiar with a few repair skills How would i get this tablet working the way it was intended to.without using a heat gun.

    Also very important is there a USB WiFi adapter I can insert into my Tablets to work or are those only for windows and Mac?

    Firmware is a pain also as none of their sites have that FW for Polaroid Model M11H

    Thank You

    Any help would be appreciated
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