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    I'm looking to take advantage of the Black Friday sales on the Transformer and Dock to use as a small business "laptop". I'm a therapist and only really need it to write session summaries and assessments and my accounting software is web-based. Before I purchase, I wanted to check what some of the other users have experienced in terms of using the Office software and how easily the web browser runs flash and other types of websites, specifically Quickbooks online, if anyone has attempted to use it. Any input would be helpful (I know, that's a scary thing to ask for on a forum) Would love to hear if anyone else is using their Transformer in a business setting. [Update] also, can it print directly to a wireless printer? That is going to be crucial.

    Thanks & Happy Thanksgiving!
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    Quickbook Online works fine on the transformer. There is also an Quickbooks App that handles invoices and sales but is not a robust as the online or desktop versions. The Transformer comes with Polaris Office, which handles basic document functions. There are several other office suite products: Office Suite Pro, Quickoffice HD, and Office to Go to name a few. All of them will open office documents. The pro versions will allow you to create new documents. Each of them have differnt features; it's best to read the reviews of each one to find out which one would betst fit your needs.

    As an aside, there are many medical apps that you may want to look at. serach "medical" in the market to see them. One of them might better meet your needs than just a basic word app.

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