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Discussion in 'Onda Tablet Forum' started by mostlyhuman, Apr 17, 2013.

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    Onda V812
    I updated to V 2.0 using Live Suit as OTA had errors. I had to do so twice. First time it was very unstable and many of the apps I normally use did not function properly ether, lagging or freezing or just not responding at all, and the whole tablet freezing, needing to be rebooted often.
    The tablet is now functioning poorly
    1. Some video issues. The screen does a lot of flickering on some online apps. Some apps using video streaming will not show a picture but the sound is functional ie TVCatchup ( it worked perfectly before, not now)

    2. The sound function is not good. The maximum volume is very low. I have to use head phones to be able to hear any music or video clearly. The sound quality is poor. I have I lot of echoy, hissy, crackly in the back ground.

    3. I am now having lots of lagging and freezing when using the internet now. Before the update the internet was much faster loading and more responsive. I often get the NOT RESPONDING prompt while browsing the web, (and often with off line apps too). The internet is now very painful to try and use. On line gaming and Stumble are very hard work now

    4. It is shame some of the Apps that first came with this tablet are now missing with the update. I would also like to remove some of the Chinese Apps as I am unable to read and understand them (shame guess they may be good). The problem is they do not show in the Apps Setting menu. When I deleted one via file explore the tablet had problems. So I had to do a factory reset (lol more work sorting out the tablet again lol).
    5 I haven’t messed around with Fix it Apps, ie cleaner, memory boosters, speed it up apps and other tools. Im trying to use it as Onda intended. The only app manager I use is AppMgr111 its easy to more apps to SD card and a quick cash clean, no other apps that try to tweak settings etc.
    Not sure if I should go back to the pervious firmware or wait for new fixes?

    I hope you do not think I'm a moaner. As on the whole I really like this tablet and I'm sure when the little issues are fixed it will be great. This tablet is so much better than my old cloud nine tablet and may others I have tried out.

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