Valve Brings Portal and Half-Life 2 to NVIDIA Shield for $9.99 Each

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    Just as predicted a few days ago, Valve Software, has made their classic Portal and Half-Life 2 games available for the NVIDIA Shield. There's no word on if the games will be ported to any other devices. Although it is obvious they will work on Android, it's possible that the only Android hardware capable of running these games effectively is the Shield. Of course, it's actually more probable that NVIDIA secured an exclusive deal for now. Maybe the games will come to other Android devices which are just as capable as the Shield.


    Both games are on the Google Play Store for $9.99 each. This is the same price you pay for both games on the PC as well, which is where they originated. Here are a couple of quotes from the Play Store describing each game,

    Sound off if you are intrigued to try these games out on the Shield.

    Source: Google Play Store - Portal & Half-Life 2

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