Verizon Likely Following T-Mobile's Uncarrier Plans Too

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    It's ironic when the industry leader plays follow the leader with their competitors. That's apparently a new trend we are seeing. Just moments ago we shared a story about AT&T following in T-Mobile's footsteps with their Next plan designed to compete with T-Mobile's Uncarrier and JUMP program. Late last night some intel hit the web that Verizon will be jumping in the conga line as well. According to the leaked information, Verizon will be offering its own program called "VZ Edge" and will likely be launched on August 25th. Here's a quote with the details,

    The leak didn't share all the details of VZW's new concept so it's possible they are still fine-tuning the details, but something is definitely in the works.

    When T-Mo first announced their new desire to shake things up in the mobile industry, we speculated that it wouldn't be too long before the other carriers offered something similar. That prognostication was right on the money. It may not be surprising, but it is certainly welcome.

    Source: BGR

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