Verizon vodaphone sim card,..HELP

Discussion in 'Samsung Based' started by rtamber, May 3, 2011.

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    Ok I hope someone has a clue here. It seems I am lucky enough to have a sim card in a phone from verizion. It is the HTC touch pro 2. I want to install the sim card in my tablet. It is a generic tablet from that has an internal modem. I can install another sim card from another carrier and it works fine. Verizon says the sim card will only work with that phone. I was wondering if anyone has a clue as to how I can reformat the sim to work in my tablet,.I dont care about the phone it is an older phone but am stuck with contract for a few more months and if I can get it to work in the tablet well I will keep the account.

    Hope someone has a clue!!


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