Very cool new app for Andoid tablet for fitness enthusiast Weight Master

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    More than hundreds of exercises specifically focused on weight training. You have the ability to track your progress with a flexible log feature; you can also create your own routines, and track your weight and BMI.
    Reach your goal of getting and staying in shape with Weight Master app!
    Each exercise will have illustrations and detail descriptions. The exercises are divided into groups and allow users to work on specific muscles or muscle groups. aFitness will satisfy everyone from beginner to advanced.
    Weight Master catalog contains more than 180 exercises. Our catalog is divided into two groups: primary and secondary muscles.
    The program has the following exercise groups:
    1. chest
    2. arms
    3. shoulders
    4. back
    5. legs
    6. abdominals
    7. stretches
    8. palates
    9. yoga
    10. cardio
    Also, you can exercise targeting specific muscles with our easy “exercise – by- muscle” option.

    The Weight Master aplication allows you to create an unlimited number of custom workouts. Custom workouts can be easily edited to suit any individual preference.

    BMI Calculator and Weight Monitor
    These two features allow you to review your day to day progress and successes.

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