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Discussion in 'Gome Flytouch Problems' started by sleecy, Sep 22, 2011.

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    Sep 21, 2011
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    Gome Flytouch WMT2.1.2_105
    Hi folks,
    in another Thread I#m posting that i've bought an Gome Flytouch 1 (Clone)?
    and put a ROM from this forum on it. Now I#ve got a problem and don't know,
    if it is a general prob of android 1.6 or whatever...
    I've loaded some videos as MP4 for testing (360p) from youtube and put the files
    at the SD-Card. Now the videos are very very slow, the sound is first normal and than hacking an the video seems to be slow motion ones...
    What can i do? Change the firmware or what happens? Is there any chance or should I make "a brick" of my pad? ;)
    Hardware: CPU: ARM926EJ-S rev 5, WMT2.1.2_105 WM8505 with 256 MB
    Thanks a lot

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