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Discussion in 'ViewPad 10' started by goonraiders, Mar 19, 2012.

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    Recently a mate of mine purchased a Viewpad 10 dual boot with Windows 7 and Android 1.6.

    Upon trying Windows, my mate decided there is no point running it so he removed it and reinstalled Android using the whole 16 GB HDD.

    Currently running Android 1.6 (stock) he has decided he wants to update to the latest functional version of Android.

    The problem is, he has no idea what he is doing.

    He has searched and found that android-3.2-tegav2.iso is apparently compatible with the Viewpad 10, though he has also read about some ROM called ViewCOMB which is apparently made for the Viewpad 10.

    Is android-3.2-tegav2.iso recommended, or is this ROM the better option? My mate wants something that is ultimately as compatible as possible.

    Also, in terms of apps, he is unsure which will run on his device due to it having the Intel CPU as opposed to the ARM CPU. Is there a compatibility list for the apps and games, or is it basically trial and error?

    Hope someone can help my mate out.
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    First off, the ViewCOMB ROM is for a Viewpad 10s tablet with a nVidia Tegra ARM CPU, while the Viewpad 10 has an Intel CPU. Viewsonic has released several tablets with similar sounding names, so be sure of which one you have. If it has Windows on it, then it must have an Intel or AMD CPU, as Windows can't run on anything else.

    Since these tablets have an Intel CPU, they are more like a netbook than an Android tablet. You don't need anything called a "ROM", instead you use an installation CD. You can download the CD image, and burn it to a CD, or even make a bootable USB pen drive with it. See my thread on installing openSUSE Linux for how to do this.

    There is not a dedicated Viewpad 10 version of Android 3.2 or 4.0. Instead there are several builds, most for a similar tablet named "Tega2". There are also builds for the WeTab, which seem to work on this tablet:



    Android ICS 4.0.3 for wetab (ENGLISH) (UPDATED) « corvusmod (Click on "Link" at bottom of post for download)

    The beauty of these is that they can all be run as a LiveCD image. You can try them out before installing them. They run off of the memory, so they may be slow to respond. Once you have decided which is the best, you can install it. When the install asks, say yes to installing it in Read/Write mode.
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