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Discussion in 'Asus Tablets' started by Htc_Haxer, Jul 16, 2011.

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    Hi guys I am a newbie to these forums,
    I am in the market for a tablet and I saw how cheap the Gtab was at TigerDirect, and I know that there are many good roms out there and also a pretty big community behind it, and I was thinking of getting of my friends recently purchased an Asus Transformer. But the Transformer is around $200 more then the Gtab, so I was wondering if I should spend my money now and get the Transformer or should I buy the Gtab and wait until around the holidays until the release a quad-core tablet?
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    Only you can truly answer that question.

    If you want to play with ROMs then get the Gtab so you won't feel so bad if you brick it (because of the lower cost) but can have the fun of experimenting.

    If you want to get down to business now and make productive use the tab, have fully functional I/O's GPS, BT, and peripherals, and have official product support and tested upgrades to the latest OS, I would suggest the Transformer. And quite frankly I don't consider the experience complete without the keyboard dock which has rendered my netbook obsolete. But that's a lot of cash to lay down now, admittedly. I took the plunge by coming across a good open box deal at a trusted online retailer and that helped lower the sticker shock (even though the Asus is the most competitively priced 10.1" tab out there).

    Even with quad core hardware coming out sometime in the next several months (maybe...), I consider that I will get at least a year of productive use out the Transformer with some room to grow into future OS upgrades and the assoicated added performance and functionality. Good luck.
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