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    After browsing the quick start guide from the Viewsonic website I discovered on the last page under the micro SD card heading that the tablet supports up to a 64 Gig card. Is this a typo? Is this a 64 gig card plus the internal 16gig card? I thought I should bring this finding here because I only hear reference to a maximum of 32 gigs in the threads and advertisements Ive come across. This sounds better than soldering if it is true. Thanks to the Admins who run this site and everyone who is by far the most informative hang out..It is even mentioned on the Viewsonic official page..Talk about getting Up's. If Android had hair this would be the barber shop he'd chill at. My tablet should be here tomorrow. Aside from the lack of marketplace does anyone know if the current OTA updates address the other issues? I noticed on the Viewsonic site that they offer a Flash update amongst other popular Android updates and apps. This site is consuming my life!!
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