viewsonic viewpad 10pro cpu?

Discussion in 'ViewPad 10' started by stang0182, Dec 7, 2011.

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    veiwpad 10 pro
    just recieved my 10pro,messing with it for 10mins. or so,and it worked great for the first 10mins...LOL. after 10mins it started acting extremely slow and laggy!! checked on cpu speed,it idles around 60% and bounces from 60-100%,checked, no applications running,auto updates are turned off,there is a huge list of processes running in the background which im sure is normal...not to mention it gets extremely hot..called veiwsonic and they seem to think i got some sort of spyware,tried to do a recovery but it seems you need the dock station ,so you can hook up keyboard and cd rom(guess i could do it with usb)..anybody got any ideas before i go any further..thanx

    after hours of messing with it i figured it out v10pro owners,cpu cant handle LIVE WALLPAPER who would of thought!!! oh well-unless somebody knows something i dont
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