Vizio mount point for sdcard/external and Copilot

Discussion in 'Vizio Tablets' started by tlyonstlyons, Dec 12, 2011.

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    Wait, wait!

    I just ran the Copilot update and for the heck of it editted the user.cfg again, replacing the same /mnt/sdcard with /mnt/sdcard/external and it's placing the maps on the actual external SDcard! I'm delighted!

    Of course there are a few oddities. When I load maps, it is apparently looking at the internal memory when it decides if there is enough space; it refuses to load for example the entire US in a single piece but I can load it in separate pieces. Also, everything except the maps is still on the internal memory. And it seems none of this is documented anywhere.

    The only app I have that is both large and can't seem to use the real external SDcard is Copilot, an excellent GPS navigation program. Maps get stored on the internal SDcard that isn't really an SDcard at all.

    But Copilot does have a user.cfg file that defines where to find the maps. But when I swapped /sdcard/external everywhere it had /sdcard in the user.cfg, when the program started it created a subdirectory named external on the internal SDcard and blocked the mounted /sdcard/external that referred to the actual SDcard. In fact, the real SDcard wasn't available to any programs until I deleted this new subdirectory.

    Maybe this is an XDA question, but can anyone suggest a better way to address the external SDcard from the user.cfg file? Clearly ES file explorer knows about it so there must be someway.
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    I can only suggest root+SD modification so your Vizio will have up to 32GB "internal" SD card(which is actually your external SD card)/
    Has been discussed here ad nauseum.

    Not even Vizio fault.
    Stupid developers lazy enough not to implement loading from the external cards rather than default /sdcard folder/
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    Something is strange about what the OP reports.

    A mount point is no more than a directory over which a block device is mounted. In fact: If you examine /sdcard on any VTAB you'll see an empty /sdcard/external directory. (Unless, of course, you've an SD card plugged in, in which case you'll be looking at the mounted SD card.)

    So, nothing need create "external," as it's already there.

    A new directory cannot be created over the top of an existing directory or mounted filesystem.

    Main_Coon, I don't know what the OP's experiencing, but from at least part of his description, it sounds like this app's developers did the right thing.

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