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    I am intrigued by the capabilities that Siri brings to the iPhone and I read a blog that there are apps available for Android that brings the same, if not better, capabilities to the Android side but all the apps seem to be incompatible with the A500. I understand that it is not a phone and therefore can not make calls (unless using something like Skype), I understand that it isn't designed to text but I believe that others have been able to do it. I know it does text to speech and the keyboard (depending on what you use) can do speech to text, so I have two questions.

    1. Does anyone know of any software that offers this functionality on the A500? So far I have looked at the following and they are incompatible with the A500:
    2. Why are they incompatible is it because it requires 3/4G to have network access (even though WIFI could be available)?

    Just wondering. It's interesting technology...thanks!
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    I just ran a search on google and i saw some interesting results or you can try checking their (A500) website.


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