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    Have there been any posts on all of the different operating modes that the VTAB can be booted into

    1) do nothing - boots normally
    2) hold down volume up+volume down + power button until blue home light shows, let power button go
    ... click home button to bring up recovery menu
    ... volume up or back button moves highlight up
    ... volume down or menu button moves highlight down
    ... power button selects highlighted option...

    what other operational modes exist, how do they get brought up?

    some of the "alternative" rooting methods mention a download mode
    .. is the download mode where you are before hitting the "menu" button?

    can a 1.4 version of the firmware be put in the /sdcard root partition and have the VTAB downgrade itself?
    can the 1.5 version of the firmware be REAPPLIED if the file is copied into either the root of the /sdcard partition or the /cache partition?

    is there a posting somewhere that has the 1.4 factory firmware file?
    is there a posting somewhere that has the 1.5 factory firmware file?

    if they exist can they be made "sticky" so as to show up at the top of the posting list?


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