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    ASUS TF300T
    I bought a ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T for my wife and one of the main reasons I got it was so she could do these training modules for her work while out at a Barnes and Nobel or Starbucks etc..
    The training module has a video that plays and then you take a test. However I haven't found a browser that will let the video play. It always seems to look like it's missing a plugin.
    So on my home desktop or laptop I can get to it just fine and from IE I right clicked and went to properties so I could find out what kind of video this was and this is the location of the video.
    As you can see its wmv.

    Does anyone know how this will work with the tablet?
    It works with IE or Firefox because I must have the plugin for Forefox. I thought I should be good to download Firefox for the tablet but I cant get the plugin it seems.


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