What counts as multitasking?

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    I want to buy a tablet that will let me connect to a projector to show powerpoint files and also use an android app to allow my android phone to work as a remote control. Does this count as multitasking? Listening to music (mp3) while surfing the web - is this multitasking? I have read the android 4 allows for "better" multitasking. What counts as multitasking? Will Android 2.x or 3.x do the things I have just mentioned?
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    Better question What don't I own, Oh a generic APAD
    All Android versions mentioned 2.x-->4.x can do multi-tasking. It is more of a question of how well. A simple example is a music player while playing a games or reading an e-book is the simplest example of multi-tasking. Having a Widgets on the same screen is also a type of multi-tasking. Even adverts on the screen as you play a game is a type of multi-tasking.
    What is not really possible yet is multi-active window. All apps are generally full screen and you change from full screen to full screen.

    The ability to remote in and take control has been possible since Froyo. 2.2, compatibility is the main problem. The ability to present a PPT is possible, but I have recommendation if you want to include any interesting animation. Convert it to a Flash or some other format. Animations and proportion can get lost or distorted

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