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Discussion in 'Android Tablet Q&A' started by mommibird, Jul 1, 2011.

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    Android 2.2 OS 7inch ePad Flytouch Pad VIA8650 800MHz 256MB
    can someone out there PLEASE help me I have this tablet
    [h=1]Android 2.2 OS 7inch ePad Flytouch Pad VIA8650 800MHz 256MB[/h]bouught it from aliexpress. about 75 bucks or so
    it worked great until I did a dumb thing
    I did a factory reset and now have no way to see any video,wiped out any and all aps installed from factory also no way to surf web, and the screen goes to black if I try to surf or go to the apmarket

    but my kindle and amazon app is still good

    I am a mom who thought she knew what she was doing NOT!!!!
    took it to a computer shop wanted 159 just to look at it

    any help would be appreciated

    not even sure how to come back to here to look for an answer if you can help email me at mommibird@juno.com

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