What do I do to improve this tablet's performance and use? Information supplied.

Discussion in 'Infotmic Based' started by thesynapseuk, Nov 30, 2011.

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    NATPC M013S
    Hi all,

    New poster here from London, England. Just inducted myself to the world of Android Tablets.

    I recently bought a NATPC M013S 10" tablet from Wendy Lou via Amazon.

    Now, I have some questions that I was hoping someone would help me with:

    1)The resistive screen seems pretty damn difficult to get to work reliably with fingers. The cursor jumps around and has trouble locating my finger at points (though not with a pen/stylus). Is there any way to improve this with software or other methods?

    2)Not quite so bothered about fairly slow boot-up but seems pretty damn sluggish at times (although games in SCUMMVM and Angry Birds seems to run okay once you get into them). This is especially the case when I plug in a USB keyboard (one of those integrated in the case jobbies) to do some typing - which I would like to use it for occasionally) Any way to speed things up, at least for word processing type stuff?

    3)I've included info screens and tidbits of info which I think apply to my tablet below, but I'm still not sure about make and model and, of course, what kind of flashing software/procedure/files I need.

    (*I do think that I've posted this in the correct forum however*).

    4) Wi-fi is a big problem. Picks up the wi-fi when in the same room but difficult elsewhere in the house. Not a problem with router (my iPhone has no probs and neither does my laptop). What can I do to improve it?

    5) Difficult to know where to start with finding good apps to download for android. Are all the ones on phones going to work similar on tablets? Is there a good website/list someone could point me to? Especially with M$ compatible productivity apps (if they exist).

    6) Anything else I should know? Tried reading some posts on rooting but didn't really make it clear on why I should root and what benefits it would give me, other than hacker bragging rights (enough for some, but not for me!).

    Many thanks for any help given. Info I've acquired below. If it's not enough then let me know and I'll get it to you.


    VIA 8650 is the chipset according to some descriptions.

    Tablet boots up with infoTMIC screen. Numbers in the bottom right read ()

    Below is a shot of the homescreen (in case that helps) and the page I get when I go into settings. Is this enough for you people to help me?

    $2011-11-29-7-14-32.jpg $2011-11-29-19-56-43.jpg
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    Welcome to the forum!

    You tablet is closely related to the FlyTouch 2/SuperPad 3 model.

    Search for the string "" which is the Hardware Id "hwver" and the U0 "u-boot-nand.bin" image version number (676) or in your case it is blank meaning a non numbered version.

    There are a few tweak to adjust calibration. Search for "ts.conf" or /system/etc/ts.conf
    There are some process that can be killed with task management applications.
    WiFi is a known and well discussed issue with these types of tablets. Best approach is to search and apply any or all of the tweaks and configuration changes including router reset and security settings.
    Amazon App Store, GetJar, SlideMe SAM

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