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    iRobot MID 7 inch 2.1.2_105
    Green LED when discharging
    Red LED when charging
    silver backing, nothing on it
    looks to be a 24 pin, could be a 30...
    Box says iRobot, user manual says MID User Guide with 3 views of the device.
    The memory in about says i have 256MB, Task Killer says I have 149MB free when nothing is running.

    I have one fully working, and at factory defaults.

    I tried to Flash an official (I thought) firmware update to another one,
    and all went well until it told me it could not find a Partition file, then it bricked.

    It will turn on (No Vibe) and it will charge,
    and give signal to things plugged into it (keyboard, usb flash drive)
    I am no newbie user either, I have been modding firmwares for quite some time,
    just not Android, so I thought I would give it a shot.

    Now, I am regretting flashing (newer) ROM data at all,
    since anything I put into the sd card,
    Formatted FAT32 with HP-Tools,
    script folder doesnt run... or I dont see it run.

    I can see the Green LED,
    and dont mind having to take the thing apart (This is why I have another)
    but, if It is unneccessary I would like to save a headache and see if I just need the OEM ROM,
    or is it looking for something I dont have on the stick? Anyways, thank you in advance.

    The specs on the same exact one I have are the same as what I jotted down prior.

    Here they are:

    1.6 (Android Firmware?)

    WMT2.1.2_105 (ROM version?)

    The Kernel is something dirty.

    $5685133654_a63b87380c.jpg $5685132782_6161108a3c.jpg $5684567609_ab98123427.jpg $5685135506_556a7d1457.jpg

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